Pregnancy is an exciting thing that often causes physical body changes that include sagging skin around the abdomen and breast area. As such, majority of the women looking to regain their sexy physique opt for various surgical procedures that are effective at bringing their groove back. Check out some of the top 5 most common surgeries women have after pregnancy (Click Here).

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles tend to loosen while also stretching out the skin that is left sagging after giving birth. A tummy tuck is considered one of the best procedures for tightening the muscles on the abdominal wall and loose skin while getting rid of excess fats.

A liposuction is occasionally accompanied by a tummy tuck procedure to remove the fat resulting from weight gain during the pregnancy period. The procedure leaves loose skin on the abdominal area and abdominoplasty works on the sagging skin.
Together, liposuction and a tummy tuck will give you a tinier waist, flat stomach, and better tension on the abdominal muscles. These procedures are the best alternative for women who have had several pregnancies that have stretched out most of the abdomen.

Breast Lift
After giving birth, your breast tend to become larger, something that results to sagging skin due to the loose tension around the tissues. This is an effect of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. Plastic surgeons, therefore, recommend a breast lift/mastopexy procedure to reshape and firm the breast. This will also contour the areola while raising the breast for a youthful appearance. The surgeon will choose the size of breast you should have depending on your physique and body size for proper alignment.

Breast Reduction
While some women naturally develop large breasts in their teenage years, some are caused by hormonal effects particularly during and after pregnancy. This may affect one’s confidence causing them to seek breast reduction surgery. Besides, for cosmetic beauty, women go for breast reduction for a quality lifestyle. When the breasts are larger than usual, they exert a lot of pressure against the spine, therefore, causing back pain. Moreover, the discomfort grows by day due to a bad posture, as the breasts are heavier. The plastic surgeon focuses on the nipple to ensure the resized and reshaped breasts are contoured according to your body shape and size during the reduction procedure.

Eye Bag Surgery
During pregnancy, your entire body is affected by hormonal changes that sometimes cause sagging eyelids, wrinkling on the surrounding skin, under-eye bagginess and darkness. As a result, some women opt for eye bag surgery, which helps symmetrically align the lower eyelids so your facial features are more youthful. Plastic surgeons recommend that their patients remain truthful about their expectations after the surgery to help in achieving excellent results to your satisfaction. In severe eyelid sagging cases, you can have laser skin resurfacing or dermal fillers as per your needs.
There are some of the procedures you might want to consider after pregnancy for that youthful look. They are not only super effective but also develop long-lasting results.

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