E-cigarettes are tasteless vapor mist that’s mostly water and tobacco, says who? With the abundance of high quality manufacturing labs like the PGVG Labs, the quality being manufactured and supplied is monumental. There are nicotine-free options forbye. And the nicotine-free flavors developed by labs such as the PGVG lab are something a vape enthusiast mustn’t pass. If you’re one such person with a taste for fine vape, then you’d want to try the following 5 vape flavors for lasting ecstasy.

  1. Fuji, Apple, and Strawberry Nectarine by Pachamama

Want to treat your taste buds with a fruity punch that’ll leave a blast of sweet flavors in your mouth? Well, then this 0% nicotine formula e-vape liquid is a perfect match for you.

Priced at 34.99 $, this 60-ml vape bottle is worth every single penny that you’ll invest.

  1. Don Cristo Original

A PGVG labs original product, this e-juice is an entrance to the world of authentic Montecristo cigars. It has a rich tobacco flavor with no traces of nicotine, and yet, it will leave you with the taste of finest cigars. No wonder, it won a few prestigious awards like the world’s best tobacco flavor e-juice in France in the year 2016.

Priced at 35.99 $, this 60-ml vape juice bottle can also help overcoming nicotine dependence.

  1. 3Titans – GAIA

This e-vape bottle is an escape to the fruity gardens of pomegranate, dragonfruit, and apricot. People who relish citrus flavors will rejoice the taste of this vape that also has undertones of cucumbers and cactus.

Slightly prickly and mostly fruity, a single 120-ml bottle of this vape will cost you about 44.99 $.

  1. Ripe Vapes by VTC

This vape liquid has a delicate taste of vanilla loaded with strong undercurrents of toasted almonds and fresh tobacco. It’s not some cheap flavored tobacco vape; instead, a luxurious premium product by one of the world’s finest Montreal based lab, the PGVG labs.

One 60-ml bottle will cost you about 39.99 $.

  1. Iced Earl Lemon by Twist Tea

A wonderful, wondersome combination of Earl Grey tea with a hint of lemon zest, infused with the juice of real tea leaves, this is an icy retreat for vape enthusiasts. This one should be on your to-try list, especially, if you’re someone with a taste for the finest lemon tea flavors.

One 60-ml bottle of this e-liquid will cost about 34.99 $.

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