Various symptoms are a part of perimenopause and menopause, and while some of them are not that big of a deal, the other ones can make a life quite difficult, especially if they happen to occur at the same time, which is unfortunately not that rare for the women who have them. While there were no possible treatments in the past, today, there is quite an effective solution for hot flashes and other symptoms.

What are the main “causes”?

While it is known that hot flashes occur pretty much at random for women who are in menopause, there are certain things that can help stimulate hot flashes. Of course, the most common reason for hot flashes to occur is when there is a drastic increase in room temperature, which will make the body react by cooling itself down with sweating, but also overheating.

Other reasons why hot flashes may occur are mostly because of some habits, that again, make the body warmer. According to Australian Menopause Centre, one of the most common reasons behind hot flashes is smoking, because it increases inner body temperature by quite a lot, thus it makes it quite a big trigger for a hot flash.

It is a bit unfortunate that caffeine has also been proven to be a trigger for hot flushes, so every woman who happens to have the habit of having her morning coffee in the morning, should probably stop if she does not want to risk of having a hot flash moment. The same thing can be said for spicy food, as it can give a hot flash to people who are not even in menopause.

Consulting with a specialist can give you a lot of information about menopause

How to lower hot flashes?

There are a couple of simple things to look out for if you want to lower the occurrence of hot flashes. For starters, you can start wearing clothes that are not so thick, as having good ventilation on your clothes is going to help keep your body cool at all time. You should also try to avoid finding yourself in stressful situations, however, we all know that is something not many are able to control.

Of course, there is a solution that can help you get rid off hot flashes and other symptoms to some degree, in the form of a hormone therapy. You can find more information about this treatment if you visit, or you can consult with a local doctor who happens to know a lot about menopause ant this treatment.

Hormone therapy can help you get rid of all menopause problems

Final Word

While menopause is indeed completely natural, controlling the symptoms that come with it is definitely something that should be done for women who happen to find themselves in uncomfortable situations due to those symptoms. Even if there is no cure for menopause at the moment, controlling the symptoms is the next best option, that no woman should miss out on.

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