The O shot has been a radically positive treatment thriving to give women their control of their bodies and their sexual desires as well. For many, changes take place when our body ages or after childbirth like loss of sex drive, bladder control etc. that hampers with our self confidence and a sense of femininity. But know that with the latest advancements, these vaginal injections would help in increasing your sexual drive, giving you the best orgasms and even cure the urinary issues.

What are O-shots?

The O shot or Orgasm shot is a simple, professionally administered and nonsurgical treatment that helps in augmenting and rejuvenating the g spot or Grafenberg spot, labia and clitoris. It also helps in enhancing lubrication, ease, sensitivity, and intensity of orgasms by stimulating the versatile stem cells. Accomplishing an effective outcome is also determined on the basis of other factors like emotional relationships, general health and hormonal wellbeing.

Now, women don’t have to strive with sexual dysfunction or urinary issues. There are many treatment options available for men as well but for females O-shot is something you are looking for. This vaginal injection has the capacity to change their lives. Women have reported an increase in sexual responses, stronger and frequent orgasms, decreased pain during intercourse or dyspareunia, tighter vaginal opening, more lubrication, increased sexual drive and greater arousal from stimulation.

It is a boon for women suffering from sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction like painful sex, not being able to orgasm, or vaginal dryness can surely cause frustration and lack of self confidence. The O shot is the latest and revolutionary treatment that helps in curing the sexual dysfunction and make sex enjoyable all over again. It is also helpful in decreasing and fixing urinary issues in many female patients.

Helps in curing urinary incontinence

As aforementioned, O-shot also helps in curing urinary incontinence. Many women suffering from the same have reported relief after taking O shot as all the meds they took vent in vain. The results are proven to be effective in a single treatment itself. The PRP or Platelet-Rich plasma is loaded with platelets and helps in decreasing or resolving the urinary incontinence in many female patients. Many women are also unable to exercise because of urinary incontinence, some tend to leak urine whenever they laugh, cough or sneeze. Just by offering a single injection treatment for incontinence many women have been liberated of these issues by the means of O shot.

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